New Feature

[New Feature]: 3 Feature Options to Give You More Timeline Customization!

Here they are! Three features you requested! 

Now, you can bulk email all wedding parties, select your default time increments, and set your preferred font sizing

Which means you have even more options to customize your timelines and personalize your account settings!


For example, if you want to email your timelines to clients or vendors, you can save time by emailing everyone involved all at once. This option works for both full and tailored timelines. It also sends individual emails to each person in your All Parties list.

To see your new Bulk Email Feature in action, just check out this image (right).



You can also choose your default time increments. Whether you want that to be 15 or 30 minutes, it will immediately be available on existing and new timelines!

To see this Time Increments Feature, click on the left-hand image.



Lastly, you can select your font preferences, including default text sizing! It’s another way for you to customize your timelines and account settings.

To see how to use the Font Sizing Feature, click on the image to the right.


As you use these new features, let us know what you think, and keep carrying on the journey toward fulfilling your dreams!

And stay tuned for more updates. #we’re-on-a-mission!