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Meet Our Team: Veronica Alexandra, OG (Original Genius)

When building Timeline Genius, Eddie talked to hundreds of wedding planners and studied dozens of sample timelines. The most detailed and extensive one by far was made by Veronica Alexandra of Blue Ivy Events. A Harvard grad, Veronica brings incredible smarts to her schedules.

With events that look like this, we are lucky to have Veronica on our team:


photo credit: Kerry Brett Lifestyle Portraits

Even luckier, Veronica is going to be our source of Wednesday Wedding Wisdom for the next few weeks. Our first question for Veronica: What is the mark of a great timeline?

From Veronica:

The fact is, every wedding has different circumstances, complex enough to have a tailored wedding timeline for each wedding, the same way every lock combination has its own code. Even if you planned a wedding at the same venue every week, each wedding timeline would come out differently.

However, every wedding timeline should have the same key elements in mind. A great timeline is a blend of attention to detail, clean formatting and logic, and customized communication.

Attention To Detail
Every line-item noted in a timeline has a specific goal behind it (or it wouldn’t have been written down!). So the timeline creator has to capture every task associated with every goal noted, in order to truly establish an optimized, “bullet-proof” timeline. For example, every cake either has a cake topper, flowers, or nothing on top of it: that point needs to be established, as well as who is providing the cake topper/flowers? Who is placing them? In what location and at what time?

Clean Formatting
In addition to the details, all timelines should be formatted in a harmonized fashion. Making a document that is easy to read, follow, and execute on, requires major focus from the planner. Aligning items that occur at the same time, shifting things when they need to be changed, and fitting together the multiple moving pieces of a complex day are all challenges that a wedding planner must address.

Customized Communication
The communication of both of these main pieces needs to be easy to follow for grandma, dad, the cake delivery guy and everyone else involved. Each timeline should be customized to speak to every type of participating group.

Timeline Genius makes all of these tasks easier: it asks targeted questions to gather all of the little details, it makes formatting clear and easy to read, and it makes creating customized schedules for each party involved as quick as a click. It relieves the large brain power it takes from us planners, making sure the infrastructure behind each wedding’s key elements are captured as much as humanly (or geniusly!) possible.


Thanks for the tips Veronica! Next week, we’ll be asking her about rookie mistakes new planners make on timelines. Until next time!

photo credit: Cherie Photo