Life of a Planner

Maria Marian Talks About Timeline Genius

The above video comes from a Timeline Genius customer for whom I have high esteem and affection… Her name is Mara Marian, and she’s the owner of FUSE Weddings & Events, based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

From the first time I spoke with Mara, I knew she was a true professional. Her company has multiple Best of State wins in Utah’s BEST BRIDAL AND WEDDING SERVICES and the BEST EVENT PLANNER categories. They’ve also been been featured in print (in various local and national publications), on multiple wedding and event blogs, and on TV.

I was deeply honored when Mara recently recorded this video where she’s speaking candidly and favorably about her experience using Timeline Genius.

Thank you Mara! It’s truly a pleasure to serve amazing people like you — people who are chasing their dreams day in and day out and who are moving our industry forward and adding joy and richness to the lives of others.