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Introducing Timeline Genius…But First, What Exactly Is A Timeline?

Hello new friends!

We’re so excited to start our blog, where we plan to engage with all of you, share tips about event planning, and give you a behind-the-scenes view of what we do and why we do it.

“But wait!” we hear some of you say, “What exactly is a timeline anyway, and why do I need a genius to help me with it?”



Anyone planning an event will create a timeline, though some prefer to use the terms “schedule” or “itinerary”. No matter what you call it, the timeline is the most crucial piece of any event.

A good timeline should contain all participating vendors plus their contact information, and stitch together every last detail of the day. Most of our users are wedding planners, so their timelines will include 8-12 vendors, and everything from hair and makeup setup in the morning, to tables and chairs pickup at the end of the night. A great timeline can also be broken down into customized versions for each vendor, so that each team involved can focus on the duties most pertinent to them. 

“Ah yes! I know what timelines are, and I’m already awesome at creating them.” 

If that’s you, fantastic! Most Timeline Genius users are professional wedding planners who can write timelines in their sleep. But even sleep-writing takes time 🙂

Timelines for complex events are not a one-and-done deal, and as a wedding planner myself, I can say they are quite a pain in the bum! It takes time to collect vendor contact information, to reach out to confirm details, to list out every component of a very long day, and to constantly update as changes are made and new information comes in.  

A wedding day is full of moving pieces, and when the timing for one piece shifts, many other pieces have to be adjusted as well. Making customized schedules for each client and vendor takes time too. Our research shows planners spend an average of 10-15 hours on each timeline. 

And that’s where our genius tool wants to help. Timeline Genius streamlines the process by asking a series of simple questions. Your answers allow our algorithm to generate a customized template that is 75% done. The planner just needs to fine-tune the specific details, and then it’s ready to share. From there, creating custom schedules for each vendor and shifting the time for a series of events can also be done with just a click or two. 

It is our goal to take the time out of building timelines, and to give your events a perfect, professional schedule to follow. Our seasoned planners are able to handle so many more clients with ease. Our new planners or one-time planners (like couples getting married or parents throwing a quinceñera) are able to quickly build polished timelines like pros.

So what is a timeline? It is the crucial blueprint of any event, without which all would be chaos. It is also notoriously time-consuming. Timeline Genius is here to change that.

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