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How to Use the *NEW* Text Editing Features from Timeline Genius

The timeline is for your client, but it reflects you. 

Your brand. 

Your business.

Naturally, you want to make it yours.

With its New Editing Features, Timeline Genius gives you even more control to edit the look of your timelines.

Edits You Can Do In Your Sleep

Bold. Underline. Strikethrough. You know these. Nothing fancy here but necessary. 

Let’s get to the good stuff.

Create a Polished and Consistent Look

When you copy and paste, the text gets all messed up. Then, you have to figure out what you’re using and fix the font and the style and sometimes it even reverts. 

That’s why it’s so great when you can highlight copied and pasted text (like from your client) and simply click the clear format icon! Now everything matches – which is important when you see the final timeline.

Line Spacing that Fits Your Content

Occasionally, you need related items near each other but also need a bit of separation. (You can’t use underline for this because underline connects to the words and is too close.) Instead, you can now insert a horizontal line simply wherever you might want.

It’s an easy way to create visual organization. 

Or, you might want to adjust line height: these New Editing Features let you select single, 1.5, or double.

Personality + Fun

Maybe you like emojis or maybe you can’t stand them. But either way, you might need Special Characters for those fraternity or sorority songs the couple wants included later in the day. 

Symbols? Arrows? Just another way to personalize and edit your timeline text. 

Plus, you can insert images. The best part about this is you can adjust the size by just dragging the corner in and out! 😲 

And you can even link them. Let’s say a new team member might need directions for the specific napkin fold that’s in the place setting. What if you could make the image clickable and go to a YouTube video giving a how-to? You can.

A Clean Look +More Options

Inserting a table has always been an option but now it has an upgrade. When you insert a table, the defined cursor is immediately there. You also get choices about the background, alignment, and text color.

Lastly, you can even select all. Watch the video below to see exactly what you can do.

Timelines Your Way with TG’s Smart Software

Forget tedious timelines. 

The *New* Editing Features from Timeline Genius give you more ways to edit your text and use new options. 

Questions? Comment on the video or email brooke@timelinegenius.com!