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How to Use the Assign Feature to Create Tailored Timelines for Vendors, Venues, or Clients

Wish you could create tailored timelines for specific vendors, venues, clients, or even bridal party members? The great news is that with Timeline Genius you can!

So you can go from spending hours creating individual timelines for collaborators or clients (nobody has time for that!) to using the Assign Feature to easily produce tailored timelines.

Additionally, whenever you make edits, your timelines update in real-time. So, if you make an adjustment to your main timeline, it will similarly reflect any changes in all of your tailored timelines. 

As a result, you can make individualized timelines for anyone you wish! 

Just check out the way the Assign Feature supports timeline creation and how you can use it in your planning.

When would I use the Assign Feature?

Let’s say you add a vendor at a late stage in your planning. Or, at the last minute, your bride books a Photobooth. Maybe a relative decides to surprise the wedding party with a fun late-night snack drop off from a new restaurant or caterer. 

These vendors don’t necessarily need to see the full event timeline, but they do need to see the timeline items that apply to them.

You might even want to create a tailored timeline for your team members, DJ, or cleaning crew. 

These tailored timelines are not only helpful but also are easy to create!

How do I use the Assign Feature?

You can use the Assign Feature to create tailored timelines for both existing and new vendors. 

Start by opening the timeline that you are working on. Once you’ve gone to the Vendor Contact section, choose the option to ADD your new vendor. 

Then, scroll back to the top of the page and select the ASSIGN tab. Here, be sure to check the box next to the vendor’s name. 

Next, select all of the timeline items that you want to appear on the vendor’s tailored timeline. 

After you’ve checked all appropriate items, simply click the button that says ASSIGN SELECTIONS. 

And that’s it! You have your tailored timeline for that vendor or contact.

BONUS Tip: Skip to 2:10 to watch how Brooke uses SHIFT to bulk select consecutive timeline items. Want to learn more pro tips? Schedule a free demo with Brooke!

To see how easy it is to create tailored timelines, watch the video below.

Use the Assign Feature to Create Tailored Timelines 

When you want to let contacts see the timeline items they’re a part of, you can simply create individual timelines. 

The Assign Feature from Timeline Genius lets you make tailored timelines for any vendor, venue, or client! 

Questions? Comment on the video or email brooke@timelinegenius.com to learn more!