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How to Use Technology to Create a Better Brand Experience

Creating a better brand experience is at the forefront of most business operations. After all, clients who enjoy working with you are more likely to leave five-star reviews and send referrals your way. With the event industry continuously changing, it’s essential to stay on top of the experience you provide clients and use tools that will allow you to do so.

The one thing you need to stay ahead of the curve? Technology.

The COVID-19 pandemic led to an even greater shift into the digital world, with events taking place over Zoom and client communication remaining completely online. As a result, being tech-savvy is no longer a bonus for those looking to work with an event professional. Now, it’s a must-have.

Luckily, you can use technology to create an outstanding brand experience for your clients, from booking to onboarding.

Here are five ways your tech solutions will help you stand out.

Promptly Respond to Message

Most people reach out to a handful of vendors before making their final decision, so your response times must be as short as possible. However, that’s where technology can help fill in the gaps. With automated email marketing tools, you can create an automatic email response when a potential lead expresses interest in your business.

There’s no need to leave your inbox open at all times – let your tech systems improve your engagement and reputation. Creating response templates and workflows will help you organize your onboarding process and provide further information to your clients. Think about sending answers to FAQs or a free lead magnet with your initial response so people understand the value you provide from the very beginning.

Streamline Bookings

Many believe that their brand experience begins once everyone has signed on the dotted line. But unfortunately, in today’s world, this is simply no longer the case. Instead, it starts from the moment someone reaches out – which is before they’re an actual client.

This is where technology can help, as it removes the typical questions and speedbumps that come along with the booking process. Digital tools allow you to point leads in the right direction, from what steps they need to take next to what they can expect from you. 

Automated workflows ensure clients sign contracts and pay deposits without confusion. Since every step is triggered by previous actions, the booking process becomes as efficient and straightforward as possible.

Create Easy Payments

Paper checks and wire transfers are a thing of the past! Clients are now looking to pay invoices with the click of a button. And with plenty of tech solutions to choose from, your business should have no problem accepting online credit card payments securely and conveniently.

Most invoicing software allows you to set billing schedules, automate invoices, and enable payment reminders. You can also track revenue without having to dig deep into a spreadsheet. As a result, clients will find it easy to pay you, and you’ll minimize time when it comes to bookkeeping. It’s a win-win!

Enhance collaboration

Though your workflows come naturally to you, they may not come naturally to your clients. That’s why detailed project management software is crucial to keep clients in the loop. Moreover, it helps them get involved and excited.

That’s why project management software does more than just help with organization. It also allows you to bring clients inside the process to stay up-to-date with their progress and any important deadlines. They’ll appreciate the collaborative approach you take and won’t spend time worrying about what comes next.

Bring event visions to life

Visual components are a significant aspect of the event industry. From color palettes to flowers to food and drink, your clients want to understand what they can expect on the big day. Fortunately, today’s software allows you to bring events to life.

Virtual planning tools help map out timelines, seating charts, floor plans, and guest lists, making it easy for clients to see their projects unfold in real-time. Gone are the days of scribbling on paper – embrace tech to bring an immersive element to your business!

Creating an unforgettable brand experience is one of the best ways to generate positive reviews as well as ongoing referrals. With the right technology, you can wow clients from start to finish. 

Are you ready to get started? 

Take a fresh look at your current systems, and consider your the client perspective. Then, try out one of these tech tips, and bring your brand experience to the next level!


Elizabeth Sheils is the co-founder of Rock Paper Coin, the first software platform to bring together wedding planners, couples, and vendors into one system for managing and paying contracts and invoices. Elizabeth is also a lead wedding planner with award-winning firm Bridal Bliss, where she manages the Seattle team. In addition to recognition by Special Events in its Top 25 Event Pros to Watch series, she also earned a spot in The BizBash 500 for 2021.