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[New Feature] How To Handle TBD Items Like A Genius


Now there’s a clean and easy way for you to manage timeline items that don’t yet have a set time.

Let’s say you’re not sure what time a vendor is going to load in, and you still want to note their load in on the timeline… You can just create the appropriate timeline item, and set the time to TBD (to be determined).

When you do this, the item will appear at the top of your timeline in a special new section that shows all items with TBD times. And you can set the actual time later, when you know it.

In classic Timeline Genius fashion, you can drag and drop items in and out of your TBD section. Also, the TBD items will conveniently appear in your timeline PDFs, so you can call them out for clients and vendors if you want to.

To see a quick tutorial on the new TBD item feature, just check out the video below.

We got loads of requests for this feature, so we hope it saves you even more time on your timelines.

Keep shinin’ out there Timeline Geniuses! We love ya, and we’re gonna be announcing some other amazing new features soon!



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