Timeline Genius

Hair and Makeup Schedules Are Magically Done Now ;)


Dear Timeline Geniuses, this just in…

You no longer have to struggle with creating hair and makeup schedules because we’ve automated all that tedious work for you!

Timeline Genius now lets you enter a few basic inputs and then it auto-magically creates your hair and makeup tables such that:

  • No girl is double booked for hair and makeup
  • All hair and makeup appointments have the appropriate durations
  • When possible, each girl gets hair done before makeup
  • The bride gets the latest possible slots for hair and makeup (with her hair coming before makeup)

Finally, after doing all this, Timeline Genius adjusts your other timeline items to be harmonious with the timing of your hair and makeup schedules.

So basically, you wave a magic wand, and hair and makeup tables appear 🙂

To see the new feature in action, just checkout the video below.

The exciting thing about the new hair and makeup feature is not just that it instantly creates your hair and makeup tables for you…. it’s that it will give you the optimal arrangement of girls based on the factors you input.

As you know, our team is completely focused on saving you tons of time and hassle when you create your wedding timelines… so be on the lookout for more exciting updates in the near future!