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The Value of Using Digital Storage Options to Capture Event Memories

Easily Commemorate Every Wedding

As a planner, one of the most important elements of helping couples is making sure that everything from their Wedding Day gets commemorated. After all, they are going to want to look back on the memories of their special day and even share it with their family and friends.

This generally means two things. First, you help them with hiring an amazing photographer to capture all of the day’s beautiful photos. Secondly, you help them with hiring a phenomenal videographer so all of the day’s moments are always remembered.

But there’s another emotional component of the wedding that oftentimes gets forgotten when it comes to commemorating them forever… and that’s the cards that are received from all of the guests. Many of these cards include personal and sentimental messages from family and friends, but what does the couple do with these cards? Do they get stored in a shoebox? A drawer? A folder? In an era of never-ending new technology, isn’t there a way to save these digitally?

Well, now there is, and it’s E-Bration! Based on our own wedding experience, we created this perfect digital solution!

E-Bration is an online platform that saves the memories of every card and message collected from important life event celebrations.

And when it comes to important celebrations, weddings are right at the top of the list!

Why it Helps to Offer Your Clients Digital Solutions

So, how can E-Bration help you and your clients? There are two ways that you can offer couples this digital card storage solution.

The first option is that each couple can create their own custom event page on E-Bration where guests can send their card, message, and even an optional gift. Instead of being emailed, these cards stay in a digital lockbox until the day of the wedding when the couple can be surprised with all of the cards and messages. Plus, the page can be shared in multiple ways: via email or invitations, on personal wedding websites or registries, and also through word of mouth.

The second option is that after the wedding, the couple can then digitally upload any physical cards they receive. This way, even traditional cards are saved, and no card gets forgotten!

Most couples combine these options, with some guests sending the card digitally through the site, and others bringing their own card and having it uploaded afterwards.

Save Every Memory Without the Stress

What’s also really cool about E-Bration is that the couple can order a Memor-E-Book. This option commemorates the beautiful cards and messages even further by combining them into an e-book that matches up each card with a photo of that guest. It’s such a special way to remember what everyone wrote to them for their Wedding Day!

Other Digital Services + Ongoing Value

Besides the emotional impact you are delivering to your clients (they will be forever grateful you set this up for them!) there are many short term and long term benefits to using E-Bration for your couples.

In the short term, you can help them streamline many of the tedious tasks on their to-do list. In addition to storing their cards, E-Bration also offers online invitations, RSVP tracking, photo sharing, cash gift registry, and thank you cards. You will be their wedding planning hero by helping them save time, money, and trees!

In the long term, you gain the opportunity to stay connected with this family. E-Bration is not only used by the couple but also by all of their guests. Sharing this digital solution with them opens the door for you to meet many other couples who may be seeking a planner for their future weddings. Additionally, if you offer event planning services for any other life events (such as birthday parties, baby showers, etc) E-Bration is like the glue that keeps you connected for all of these important milestone events in their lives.

Partnership Program Options

On top of all its digital solutions for storing mementos and providing event communications, E-Bration also offers a partnership program for planners to use the platform with their couples. Planners can choose their level of involvement, and we have seen successful partnerships ranging from a simple introduction to the E-Bration team to onboarding the client themselves and helping them use the system. 

We further offer a referral compensation program as well as cross promotional opportunities. Don’t hesitate to ask us how this program might work for you and your clients!

When it comes down to it, leveraging the E-Bration platform is a surefire way to make a couple’s Wedding Day unforgettable and to foster an everlasting client relationship for many events to come.

Shea and Jeff Cohen are the founders of E-Bration. With a background in marketing and client services, Shea is a momtreprenuer who knows how to use customer feedback channels to enhance website development. Jeff combines his love of networking and helping fellow entrepreneurs with a decade of sales experience in businesses ranging from small tech startups to publicly traded software companies. Together, Shea and Jeff are enhancing the wedding industry with an innovative way to preserve cards, messages, and memories forever! 

You can reach them at and They welcome hearing from you!