Timeline Genius

Genius Feature Upgrade Helps You Create Venue Magic


I’m excited to announce that we just rolled out another upgrade to our one-of-a-kind Genius Feature!

I love this upgrade because it highlights one of the key ways that Timeline Genius is unlike any other software in the world.

Namely, Timeline Genius is actually *thinking* through the timeline for you!

With other software, you have to manually create your timelines — entering times, making edits, writing text. But with our Genius Feature, you simply answer some upfront questions about your wedding, and our powerful, 8-years-in-the-making Genius Algorithm creates your initial timeline for you! (And from there, you can easily make all the edits you want to further customize your timeline.)

Our Genius Feature is special for me because it’s the one part of our software where I’ve rolled up my CEO sleeves and written the code for you myself. And every line of the code is infused with love and all the brain power I could muster 🙂

So what’s new about the Genius Feature with this latest upgrade? Well now, when you enter the venues for your event, it automatically looks at all of them and “notices” whether any are the same.

So let’s say you have a case where the wedding party is actually getting ready at the ceremony venue… The Genius Feature will catch this important detail and make all the necessary revisions to your timeline for you — adjusting travel times, deleting unnecessary references to transportation, etc.

If this all sounds like magic and you need to see it to believe it, just check out the video below!

In my eyes, this Genius Feature upgrade is just another reflection of the identity we cherish at Timeline Genius — “Smart with Heart”.

We’re here to give you an incredibly smart tool that helps you work at a higher level. And we’re here to be a constant source of loving support for you as you strive toward your professional dreams.

So keep rockin’ out there Timeline Geniuses!

And be on the lookout for more exciting new features and announcements coming soon!