How Terrica Skaggs is Weathering the COVID-19 Storm

Proactive Tips for Your Business Right Now

It’s crazy out there! We know so many of you have been dealing with postponements, cancellations, and straight-up anxiety. It’s affecting everyone and everything in one way or another. But we are here to help you through it!

We reached out to award-winning planner and industry speaker, Terrica Skaggs, to get her tips on how to weather the storm. And here’s what she said:

1. Be proactive in reaching out to your clients.

This is a really uncertain time for everyone, but you can be a source of stability for your clients. I recommend you call your vendors and venues and ask them what future dates they have available. Become knowledgeable about their cancellation and postponement clauses. Then call your clients and offer new dates and explain new options — also, offer help with making the switch. Your clients will be relieved that their event will still go on, and your venues and vendors will be grateful for your effort.

2. Communicate clearly. 

Your clients will have a lot of questions about what this all means for them. Not just clients with immediate events, but clients who may have events later in the year and still need meetings and calls. I suggest you develop a communication system that prioritizes those who need you immediately, but that also sheds light on how this may impact your business going forward. This could mean, for example, going virtual for meetings as opposed to meeting in person. Be sure to detail the actions you’re taking to keep yourself and your clients safe, while also remaining efficient and available.

3. Use this time at home to invest in your education and your business.

Eventually the storm will pass and your bookings will continue. Where will your business be on the other side? I recommend you use this time of postponement to continue to improve your business. Listen to podcasts, work on your marketing and social media, and take online courses in areas where you feel weak. Use this period to devote time to that one project you always said you wanted to do but never had the time for.

Right now, Timeline Genius and The Bridal Society have teamed up to offer a Wedding Day Timeline Certification Course. It’s entirely online and go-at-your-own pace. If you’re looking to level up your accounting, contracts, or automations during this time, here are a couple of hand-picked podcasts on budgetslegal issues, and systems.

4. Stay connected to your tribe.

Social distancing doesn’t mean social disappearing. I personally checked in with my venues and caterers to ask how they were doing and to let them know I was thinking of them. It took me two seconds to type, but the impression was huge. Many of them responded to thank me for being the bright spot in their day. It’s hard for all of us. Whatever we can do to support each other is beyond important right now. The relationships you foster today will be the ones who will help strengthen your brand tomorrow. It’s also good for you — you need to stay connected to those who are going through the same thing as you, those who know the pains and who can also offer different viewpoints and support.


Meet Terrica Skaggs 

Terrica’s weddings and expertise have been featured in The Knot, Reader’s Digest, Martha Stewart Weddings, HLN tv, Style Me Pretty and a host of other media outlets. In addition to leading a rockstar team at her planning and design firm, she also owns The White Lounge — a contemporary wedding planning studio for couples and wedding professionals. 

Visit Terrica on Instagram and her website

Stay strong, Timeline Geniuses!



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