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The Most Important Thing To Do With Nontraditional Client Requests

By Tanya Michelle Debose, This Is The Day Event Planning & Design, LLC


Years ago, most couples had two major choices when getting married:  hold the ceremony at the local church and then shoot off to the large catering hall with the over-the-top Italianate decor, OR keep everyone situated in one place by hosting the nuptials and reception at a large hotel.

Today, couples have gone beyond simply crafting their own tear-jerking vows to designing wedding experiences that reflect their personal style and the colorful journey of their relationship.
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Timeline Genius: Tara Jones

Timeline Geniuses,

Do we have a touching story for you today: We all know that sometimes our clients drive us crazy, but at the end of the day, they are the meaning in our work. We do it all for them. And every now and then, we get so lucky, our clients lift us up and inspire us.

Sometimes the timing of this sunshine is exactly what we need. Tara Jones of Simply Southern Weddings & Events shared a very personal story with us, that she has given us permission to share with you.

On Christmas Eve of 2015, Tara’s mom went into sudden cardiac arrest, and after being in a coma for four days the neurologist confirmed that there was no brain activity. Tara, her brother, and her sister had to make the hardest decision of their lives: to remove the woman who had been with them their whole lives from life support. Their mom was buried on New Years Eve. The holidays would never ever be the same.

From Tara:

“Upon returning home from the funeral, I was tasked with going through all of her important details since both my brother and sister worked outside their homes. While doing so, I came across a lot of her journals she wrote from the time we were all teens. Some made me laugh and reminded me of a lot of happy memories I had unfortunately forgotten; while others made me cry as she poured her heart out about tragedies she experienced, how our rebellious teen years drove her insane, and hardships we never even knew she was going through. The thought of that hit me hard.

It was during this time that I was trying to decide whether or not I wanted to move forward with my wedding planning business. Mainly because I knew no vendors and I hadn’t even begun to start advertising in VA, then I saw Amanda’s post.”

Amanda and Ryan were looking for a wedding planner through a Facebook wedding group. Tara responded to her post, and the two hit it off immediately. Tara describes her bride as incredibly sweet and extremely bubbly, and took to calling her “my Ray of Sunshine”, a nickname that has stuck to this day.

“I am and will always be thankful for finding her post because when she hired me, it pulled me out of mourning and jumped started my desire to continue my passion of helping brides have their dream weddings.

After driving to Leesburg to officially meet her, Ryan and her parents, and touring the beautiful Rust Manor, I was so thrilled to be back in the game! This wedding will always have a special place in my heart because it helped me realize that no matter what tragedy we are going through, we can’t allow it to alter our true passions. Even though we have to put it on the back burner for a small period of time, we need to never let it escape our minds.

I can’t imagine where my thought process would be right now had it not been for this wedding and my Ray of Sunshine!”

We’re thrilled for Amanda and Ryan of course, but also for Tara, who, with the help of love and sunshine, was able to continue growing her business even through the hardest of days.

This is why we love wedding planners and want to support all they do! We see so much strength, kindness, and love in our industry, and that makes it all worthwhile. Enjoy some photos from this very special day, captured by Samantha Martin:

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The Art of Balancing Planning and Design

By Kim Sayatovic, Belladeux Event Design

Events are created in two stages: design and planning. Together, these two components meet to put create a client’s vision, from the color of the flowers in the centerpieces down to the timing of the grand entrance. When you’re handling both aspects of the event, it’s essential to put in an equal amount of time and effort into each.

For those who tend to focus on one side, but have hopes of developing into a full-service, now is the time to get a feel for how the event process flows, and how to find a happy balance between design and planning.


The first piece of the event puzzle is the design – what do your clients want the final result to look like? What do they want it to feel like? Do they have a certain color palette or a particular theme that they want to stick to? More often than not, this is where the Pinterest boards roll in and fabric swatches get compared.

This is also the point to finalize the budget and vendor options in order to put together a solid team of event professionals who can bring their vision to life. Generally, I like to allocate the first three to four months of the timeline to design so we can get into all of the little details; however, this may vary depending on the complexity of the event.


Once the team is together and the vision is understood by all, we enter the realm of production. A planner helps clients with signing contracts, paying deposits and coordinating all of the vendors to ensure that everyone is on the same page. This can take some time since event production involves a lot of moving pieces, so we typically factor in seven to eight months. While each vendor is responsible for their own role in the big day, it’s up to the planner to check in and ensure that everyone is on track.

As the planning winds down, we get into the final stage of the process: event management. At this point, most of the logistics should be ironed out and now is the time for finalizing itineraries and adding all of the final touches. Communication is key throughout the whole event planning process, but it’s most important during the management stage as the final decisions are what will guide the day-of schedule.


Our clients tend to be either design-focused or planning-focused, but we have found that things go best when they become involved in both aspects of their special day. Although we certainly try to cater to their interests by including them heavily in either design for the visual folks or planning for the Type-A folks, it’s essential that they get the final say on all major decisions.

By ensuring that the design, planning and management stages all go smoothly, you can rest assured that the event will go off without a hitch!

Kim Sayatovic is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Belladeux Event Design, a full service wedding and event design firm based in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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5 Things To Thank Wedding Planners For

Dear Timeline Geniuses,

It’s that time of year: the time to focus on what is good in our lives, what we are grateful for, and who we have to thank.

We want to thank you, the wedding planners. You are the reason that we exist. Your tireless efforts to bring joy to others drives us to make your work experiences easier, smoother, and better every day.


Here are 5 things we have to thank wedding planners for:

  1. Doing the Dirty Work
    Anyone outside of the industry sees the job of a wedding planner as nothing but beauty and glamour. While you do get to be up close and personal with the beautiful dresses, flowers, and decorations, wedding planners are also the ones who swoop in to help when the best man gets nauseous before his speech, and stay until all remnants of the party are cleared out. Behind the scenes is not always so pretty, and we thank you wedding planners for taking care of it all!
  2. Making It Look Easy
    Ever notice how when an event runs smoothly, no one notices? The less there is to notice in terms of glitches or lulls, the more you can be sure there’s a great planner behind it. We know that our event coordinators plan everything to a T (we’ve seen the timelines!), so that on the day, the event seems to run itself like a machine. This takes huge amounts of effort and vigilance though – so here’s to the planners who show up with a smile and make it look easy!
  3. Absorbing All the Stress and Emotion
    There’s giddiness, nervousness, love, anxiety, even sometimes jealousy or other tricky dynamics on a wedding day! We see our planners out there, talking to couples, families, and guests alike. By listening to concerns and absorbing all of that emotion, planners allow everyone to have a good time – especially the couple tying the knot!
  4. Creating A Space for Love to Flourish
    Even while taking in the stress of the day, wedding planners put out the most beautiful energy, creating magical spaces where the happy couple and their loved ones can celebrate without a care. Whether involved in the design, overseeing the execution, or both, planners create the spaces that hold everlasting memories.
  5. Holding Together All the Details
    From the arrival times of all the vendors to every detail of the setup, wedding planners are the ones who keep track of it all. By doing this, you allow each vendor to focus on their specific duty, and allow each guest and bridal party member to think only about having a wonderful time.

Happy Thanksgiving wedding planners! We don’t know where we’d be without you 💖

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Timeline Genius | Olive & Belle

Happy Monday Timeline Geniuses!

It’s a new week, full of possibility and inspiration, and we have some beautiful bits of goodness for you from fellow Timeline Genius Olive & Belle Events.


Olive & Belle is a process-oriented wedding planning boutique, with a flare for authentic design. They don’t just dream up pretty things, they expertly and artfully execute the numbers and logistics for a seamless and beautiful event. They are your one-stop-shop for custom wedding planning, coordination, design, and peace of mind in Austin, Texas and surrounding areas.

From the team:

Our mission is to reduce stress and distraction, so you can enjoy your big day. With Olive & Belle, you always get personal service that puts your vision first to create a wedding that is uniquely you.

And Olive & Belle knows how to express uniqueness, as evidenced by this exciting styled shoot they sent over to us! They took inspiration from the four elements: fire, earth, water and wind. You’ll see each element cleverly represented and combined in the creative shots captured by Happy Day Media. The full list of talented vendors can be found at the bottom of this post.

Take a deep breath and dive into this dreamy pool:

























Thank you Olive & Belle for that captivating project! We love when our users share their work with us – we feel so lucky to be helping such talented professionals in an incredibly creative and exciting industry. Hats off to all the vendors involved:

Styling / Coordination – Olive & Belle Events – www.oliveandbelle.com
Photography – Happy Day Media – www.happydaymedia.com
Gown – Second Summer Bride – www.secondsummberbride.com
Flowers – ZuZu’s Petals – www.zuzuspetalsaustin.com
Hair & Makeup – All Dolled Up – www.alldolledupatx.com
Model – Natasha Aldridge – @natasha_aldridge (instagram)

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Timeline Genius | Tickled Events

Tickled Events is a boutique event management company located in the Bay Area. Led by powerhouse of warmth Adrienne Lee, the company’s vibe is as fun and delightful as its name suggests! Clients and colleagues alike are absolutely smitten with Tickled and its work, and so are we. With weddings that look like this, can you blame us?
More from Tickled:
“We here at Tickled Events LOVE LOVE everything about weddings from the style of the bridesmaids’ dresses, to the design of the centerpieces, to the detail of the favors.  Our goal is to make the planning process as easy, fun and simple for a couple as possible so that on their wedding day, all they have to do is kick back, relax, and dance the night away without any worries.”
“After 8 years of planning weddings, we’ve spent countless hours on the day-of timeline with coordinating, revisions, and challenges.  Timeline Genius is the one application that I’ve been waiting for all these years. TG has thought of everything needed in a timeline, helps to anticipate the needs of a wedding day, and is so fast and easy to learn and read. I especially love the time shift; instead of multiple changes on an excel spreadsheet, a few clicks shifts my entire timeline by however much time I want. The feature of creating individual timelines for each vendor is also ingenious. TG has saved me so much time and really is effortless to use. I’ve left my excel spreadsheet timelines and haven’t looked back!”
Thank you Tickled Events for trusting your wedding day timelines to us <3 We feel honored to be a part of events like this:
DannyDong_20150808_M_059-L DannyDong_20150808_M_044-L
Happy Thursday, and happy planning, everyone!

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Timeline Genius | Bridal Bliss

Hey there event planning friends! Today we are so excited to shine a spotlight on some seriously talented timeline geniuses: Bridal Bliss.

0278_Ben Pigao Photography - Khanna Wedding
photo credit: Ben Pigao Photography

Is that tablescape not just oozing with style? Bridal Bliss offers full-service wedding planning, partial planning, day of wedding coordination and special event planning in the Portland and Seattle areas.  Their goal is to make wedding planning a fun and low-stress experience.

Jessica Watson Photography
photo credit: Jessica Watson Photography

From Bridal Bliss:

Our staff is made up of experienced and professional consultants who will help create memorable, stylish, and elegant weddings and special events for our clients. Through our experience in the industry, we have established extensive vendor relationships that enable us to produce top rate events in every aspect. We listen to our clients’ needs and ideas, offer creative suggestions and bring their dream weddings to life.  By doing this, our clients are able to sit back and enjoy their flawless events knowing that all details are being carefully looked after.

We must agree, their events look pretty flawless:


Amanda K Photography (4)
photo credit: Amanda K Photography

Amanda K Photography (5)

Amanda K Photography (3)

On Timeline Genius:

Bridal Bliss partnered with Timeline Genius in 2015 as we were looking for a company to help streamline the timeline process for our team of coordinators. Timeline Genius has allowed for our team to be more efficient and thorough with our timelines. They have given Bridal Bliss the ability to create custom timelines while keeping the same format, making sure no detail is missed! 
What an honor it is for us to help planners do the complex, beautiful, important work that they do! Let’s just enjoy a few more Bridal Bliss details before we wish you a happy and successful day:
Jessica Watson Photography (3)
photo credit: Jessica Watson Photography
photo credit: ykvision
photo credit: Sergio Mottola
Lin + Jersa Photography
photo credit: Lin + Jersa Photography
View More: http://bethanyf.pass.us/catherinetyler
photo credit: Bethany F Photography

Well, we’re inspired to finish the week strong! Here’s to happily ever afters for all of you reading 🙂

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Timeline Genius | STX Weddings

All of our users are Timeline Geniuses, and inspire us with the work they do. Today we’d like to share Corinne Farinola’s STX Weddings.

With more than eight years of experience coordinating weddings and events, Corinne specializes in creating and coordinating her client’s dream destination weddings. Offering full-service, custom wedding planning on the beautiful island of St. Croix US Virgin Islands, Corinne caters to her clients every need.

My goal is to seamlessly align your wedding vision with my resources, creating your dream wedding, completely stress free.” 

Corinne shared this stunning destination wedding on the gorgeous St. Croix US Virgin Islands with us.

No passports needed.

Kahn061-503A Kahn063-505A Kahn228-514A Kahn239-517A Kahn243-519A Kahn506-525A Kahn635-534A Kahn683-537A


On using Timeline Genius, Corinne says, “I’m a BIG fan of using Timeline Genius. It makes the arduous task of creating a detailed timeline an effortless one. ” Her work is a perfect example of why we do what we do: so that talented planners like Corinne can have access to tools that make their complex jobs a little easier.

* Corinne Farinola- Full service luxury destination wedding planner stxweddings.com
* Kelly Greer Photography at http://kellygreerphotographer.com
* Louise Leard- Non-denomination Weddings from the heart Officiate- louiseleard@mac.com
* Beatrice Ramos- http://www.wildorchidfloralvi.com/
* The Buccaneer Hotel and Resort http://www.thebuccaneer.com/

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