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How Long Does it Take to Plan a Wedding?: Pro Wedding Day Timeline Tips for Every Type of Affair


From high-budget affairs that are years in the making to intimate elopements that seem to come together in no time flat, weddings can take anywhere from 18 months to a mere matter of weeks to plan—and, as the wedding planner, it’s your responsibility to keep on top of all of the details and ensure the overall planning timeline is on track. Today, then, we’re rounding up all you need to know about wedding day timelines for everything from grand events to intimate affairs. Read on for our top tips to help you stay organized.
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How to Scale Your Process As Your Business Scales: 3 Tips to Ensure You’re Prepared for Increased Success


Ever heard the old adage that the tall tree catches more wind? It’s true in business, as well. The bigger your business, the bigger your potential for hiccups. While so many planners work toward the day they need to scale their business, it’s important you don’t find yourself there without a process in place to deal with all of the challenges that can arise from a booming business (good problems to have, if we do say so ourselves). From growing a team or operating in multiple locations to overseeing clients with wedding days on the same weekend—whatever scaling looks like for you, when your business evolves, your process should, too. Today, then, we’re breaking down our top tips on how to scale successfully. READ MORE “How to Scale Your Process As Your Business Scales: 3 Tips to Ensure You’re Prepared for Increased Success”

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5 Things to Invest in After You’ve Been in Business for Five Years


Any wedding pro knows—getting a business up and running is one thing (and it’s certainly an accomplishment worth celebrating!), but building a profitable, growing business is another. If you’ve hit the five-year mark and find yourself stuck in a bit of a rut, chances are there are some moves you need to make to propel your brand further and climb your way out of that plateau. Today, then, we’re breaking down 5 things every wedding planner should invest in after being in business for five years. Read on for our top picks for smart, strategic, brand-building investments.
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Three Cheers for Our New Certified Timeline Genius Program!

Hey TG Community! 

We are incredibly excited to launch a new CERTIFIED TIMELINE GENIUS program here at TG headquarters!

Our goal is to award a badge of distinction to planners who have achieved a high level of expertise with our program and are consistently creating A+ timelines for their events!

We have established clear standards for this certification and intend for it to be a true honor that planners seek. By gaining a deeper understanding of our software’s incredible capabilities and applying it to their own timelines, planners are saving valuable time and becoming a “Genius at Work”!

All of the hard work, creativity, and attention to detail required to achieve a stunning wedding deserves to be recognized. We also believe that every planner has a unique voice in the industry.  So, each new recipient will be featured on the newly minted Certified Timeline Genius page of our website. We’ll shout their achievements to the digital rooftops! Not to mention a few social media mentions too! Great work deserves to be praised.

As a planner,  you wear so many hats, from creative inspiration to therapist.  Now, your attention to detail and organizational skills will also get some well-earned kudos too!

Please keep your eye out for the first award winner spotlights coming soon.

And, keep up your great work with TG!  Once you’ve reached the pre-requisite milestones in Timeline creation, you will automatically be invited to join the ranks of our new Certified Timeline Geniuses.


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[Breakthrough] Text Reminders Are Here!

I have some game-changing news to share…

Timeline Genius now lets you set text reminders for the activities in your timelines! And these reminders will automatically go out on the event day — to you, your team, vendors, venues, clients, and event guests.

This way, everybody knows what to do and when to do it. And you stand out like a rock star for being so organized and thorough.
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How to Collaborate on Your Wedding Day Timelines With Vendors, Team Members, and Clients

Wedding Day Timelines Are a Team Effort 

As a professional planner, you’re well-aware that creating and executing a thorough wedding day timeline is never just a one-person job. Weddings are complex events that involve multiple parties – from venues and vendors, to the wedding party and event guests. You know that before you can finalize your wedding day timelines, you need to incorporate input from all of these parties. Getting feedback from relevant people helps you ensure that everybody is on the same page, so the big day goes off without a hitch.

But you may be thinking… collaborating on wedding day timelines is easier said than done. Having interviewed hundreds of experienced wedding planners over the last six years, I know this to be true. So I ask you to consider two important questions: First, what makes collaborating on wedding day timelines so challenging, even for seasoned planners? And second, is there a way to do it better, faster, and more easily? (Hint: Keep reading, and you’ll find there is.) READ MORE “How to Collaborate on Your Wedding Day Timelines With Vendors, Team Members, and Clients”

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How to Create Your Wedding Day Timelines Like a Genius

Wedding Day Timelines Matter 

Whether you’ve planned one wedding or a hundred, you surely know how important it is to create detailed timelines for your events. Weddings are complex – they have a lot of moving pieces and a whole host of different players involved. With a thorough wedding day timeline, you and your vendors have a shared game plan, so you can work together in harmony to pull off a beautiful event. On the other hand, if you don’t have a thorough timeline, you run the risk of delays, miscommunications, and unanticipated issues happening on the wedding day.
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