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[New Feature] Effortlessly Track Your Most Precious Resource


Timeline Genius now automatically tracks the time you spend working on your timelines — down to the minute!

So let’s say you’re talking to a client and you wanna know how much time you’ve billed working on her timeline… Or let’s say you just wanna monitor your team’s efficiency… Well, no sweat! Just glance at your new time tracking dashboard, and you’ll see the time spent on each timeline, broken out by team member.

And the cool thing is, this all happens for you automatically because the system is smart (dare I say, ‘Genius’) 😀 For example, if you stop working on a timeline (to open a different application, go make a sandwich, or whatever), Timeline Genius will detect that you stopped working and stop tracking time.

To see the new time tracking feature in action, just check out the video below!

We believe your time is an incredibly precious resource… Time is what you use to build your business… Time drives your profitability and work-life balance. Ultimately, time is the stuff life is made of, and that’s why we’re so focused on helping you save and manage it.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates coming soon, and keep shining like the rock stars you are!

Timeline Genius

[New Features] How to Handle Postponed Events Like a Genius


Over the past couple months, many of you have been working hard to reschedule weddings and events for your clients. We know this can be a complicated process, so we just launched Two New Features that will make your life easier and less stressful… 🙂

Check out the tutorial video and helpful tips below!

How to Update Timelines for Postponed Events

Scenario: Let’s say you started a timeline for one of your events, and it just got postponed… No problem! You can update your whole timeline in just a few seconds to reflect the new event date. Here’s how:

  1. In the Edit View for the affected timeline, change the event date in the header to the new desired date.
  2. Timeline Genius will ask if you want to shift all of the timeline items to be consistent with the new event date. Just say, “Yes.”
  3. You’re done. Go have a glass of wine and pat yourself on the back 😀

How to ‘Reactivate’ an Archived Timeline

Scenario: Let’s say one of your events got postponed, and the timeline went to your Archive (because the original event date is now in the past). In this situation, you now have a super-easy way to reactivate your timeline — i.e. to change it back from Archived to Active. Here’s how:

  1. Go to your Timeline Archive, and find the affected timeline.
  2. Click the reactivate icon.
  3. Enter a new event date.
  4. Click “Reactivate Timeline.”
  5. Watch the adorable Charlie Bit Me video to enjoy the time you just saved! 😀

If you want more information about these new features, or about handling postponed events, feel free to visit our Knowledge Base. You’ll find hundreds of helpful articles there. Also, feel free to email us anytime at support@timelinegenius.com.

Timeline Genius

[New Feature] Next-Level Collaboration — Full Edit Rights


As the COVID-19 challenge continues, please know that our Timeline Genius team is here for you. And we’re determined to keep bringing you a steady stream of enriching content and positive updates!

On that note, I’m excited to announce that Timeline Genius now gives you a whole new way to collaborate with your clients and creative partners by granting them full edit rights!

So let’s say you’ve got a Type-A client, and you want to let her add new items or text sections to the timeline… Or let’s say you want to impress your hair and makeup stylists by letting them auto-generate the hair and makeup schedule… No problem! Just go to your collaborate view, and give everybody the desired access rights.

With our new and improved collaboration features, you have even more control and flexibility. You’re efficient, professional, and responsive to everybody’s unique needs.

To see a preview of the new collaboration features, just check out the video below!

We hope these new features help you feel excited about the day when our amazing industry inevitably ramps back up!

We’ve said it before, the world will celebrate again! Events will resume in time. And when they do, Timeline Genius is gonna be better than ever to help you reach new professional heights 🙂

Stay strong, Timeline Geniuses!

Timeline Genius

[New Feature] Your Brand, Your Personal Touch


First off, our team is sending each and every one of you a surge of positive energy and support! We hope you’re all doing well!

Second, we’re happy to announce another exciting new feature today…

Timeline Genius now lets you choose the font families for your timelines, so they reflect your brand and your personal touch!

We know you each have your own unique, professional way of crafting your timelines and planning events. And it’s our duty to make Timeline Genius highly customizable so that it suits your personal way of working.

So as of now, if you want to change the font families in your timelines, you can easily do that on your Preferences page. There you’ll find options for setting different font families for the headers and body of your timeline PDFs.

To see a quick tutorial on this new font selection feature, just check out the video below.



We hope this new feature gives you another way to showcase your unique brand and personality in every event you do!

Oh yeah, and if you don’t see your favorite font as an option yet, just send us an email at support@timelinegenius.com. We’re going to be adding new fonts over time, and we’re happy to take special requests!

Stay positive out there Timeline Geniuses! And be on the lookout for other exciting new features and updates coming soon!

Timeline Genius

[New Feature] Collaborate with Confidence Using “View As”


We just rolled out another new feature for you!

You can now preview your timeline as any of your collaborators before you invite them!

As you know, Timeline Genius makes collaborating with your clients, venues, and vendors a piece of (wedding) cake. You can invite them to view and edit a timeline, and even hide any items you don’t want them to see.

So let’s say you want to invite your bride to view the timeline, but you need to make sure she can’t see the surprise her groom has planned… No sweat! In the Collaborate Tab you can select View As to view the timeline as if you’re the bride. Then you confirm that the surprise item is hidden, invite her to the timeline, and you’re all set!

With this handy new feature, you can know exactly what your collaborators will see before you give them access to the timeline.

Check out the tutorial video below to see the new feature in action.


We hope this new feature helps you collaborate with more confidence than ever.

Keep shining out there and doing your thing! And we’ll keep rolling out the exciting new features for you!

Timeline Genius

[New Feature] Manage Collaboration with Max Efficiency


Are you ready for the first new feature announcement of 2020?

Timeline Genius now lets you collaborate with max efficiency by setting access rights for multiple timeline items AND multiple collaborators at once!

As you know, our goal is to help you shine like a rock star. So Timeline Genius lets you invite your clients, vendors, and venues to access your timelines online. And you can manage each person’s access rights on an item-by-item basis (making items ‘viewable’, ‘hidden’, or ‘editable’).

Now, with the new feature, you can breeze through the process of setting access rights for all of your collaborators. So let’s say you have a group of timelines items that you want to hide from all of your vendors. No sweat! Just select all your vendors, select those items, and set the access rights to ‘hidden’. Done 🙂

To see a quick tutorial on this new time-saving feature, just check out the video below.


We hope this new feature helps you sail into 2020 with greater ease and efficiency!

We’re SO EXCITED about the promise this new year holds. And we’re deeply honored and grateful for the privilege of helping you work toward your dreams!

PS If you still haven’t joined our Timeline Genius Community on Facebook, be sure to JOIN US HERE.

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[New Feature] Improved Collaboration — Time Editing Rights

By popular demand, we just improved our collaboration features so that you have the option of letting your clients, vendors, and venues edit the times in your timelines!

As you know, Timeline Genius gives you complete control over collaboration because you can invite your clients, vendors, and venues to access your timelines online. And you can manage each person’s access rights on an item-by-item basis (making items ‘viewable’, ‘hidden’, or ‘editable’).

With the new collaboration features, you can grant full edit rights. So let’s say you’re doing a partial planning package, and you want your couple to be able edit times… Or let’s say you have a super-Type-A bride, or a trusted vendor, who wants to edit times directly… Now you can make everybody happy and save time by doing less editing yourself 🙂

To see a quick tutorial on the new and improved collaboration features, just check out the video below.

We hope these new features save you time and help you fly with an even higher level of professionalism for your clients and vendors.

Keep shinin’ out there Timeline Geniuses! And we’ll keep making our software even more Amazeballs for ya 🙂

Timeline Genius

[New Feature] Introducing Vendor & Venue Labels


We just added a new preference that lets you show (or hide) vendor and venue labels for timeline items!

As you know, Timeline Genius ‘knows’ which vendors and venues are involved in each timeline item. And now, with the click of a button, you can turn on labels and have your timelines visually show who’s involved in what. Clean. Simple. Efficient.

Of course, this new feature is just a preference setting, so you can leave your labels turned off if that’s your cup of tea. The idea here is, you get to customize your timelines to your liking.

To see a quick tutorial on the new vendor and venue label feature, just check out the video below.


We’ve been on a roll with the new features over the past few weeks, and you can expect the improvements to keep coming!

Keep shining out there Timeline Geniuses, and we’ll be right here working like crazy to help you do your thing! 🙂