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[New Feature]: Streamlined Editing from Every Timeline View


Timeline Genius now lets you make edits in any timeline view!

As you may know, our TG software gives you four planning views: Edit, Assign, Collaborate, and Remind. Previously, you could only make changes from within Edit. But now the Enhanced Editing Feature allows you to simply click and make edits from any view! Read More “[New Feature]: Streamlined Editing from Every Timeline View”

Timeline Genius

Genius Feature Upgrade Helps You Create Venue Magic


I’m excited to announce that we just rolled out another upgrade to our one-of-a-kind Genius Feature!

I love this upgrade because it highlights one of the key ways that Timeline Genius is unlike any other software in the world.

Namely, Timeline Genius is actually *thinking* through the timeline for you!

Read More “Genius Feature Upgrade Helps You Create Venue Magic”

Timeline Genius

[New Feature] Use Client Questionnaires to Effortlessly Start Your Timelines


Timeline Genius now lets you effortlessly start your timelines by sending an upfront questionnaire to your clients!

Your clients then complete this questionnaire online, and their answers serve as your basic input for starting the timeline.

This feature is available to you no matter how you start your timeline — whether you start with our Genius Feature, one of our preset templates, or one of your own templates or past timelines.

Why is this such a time saver? Because you don’t have to enter the vendors, venues, or other input to start your timelines. You simply review the answers from your clients and approve or reject their input with the click of a button.

Then, you click the “Generate Timeline” button. And voilà, you’ve got a detailed, customized timeline for your event!

To see the new client questionnaire feature in action, just check out the video below…



Another nice thing about the new client questionnaire feature is that it works as an extension of your branding. For example, your clients will only see your logo — not ours — when they’re filling out the questionnaire.

Our goal is to help your clients see and appreciate the highly professional, tech-savvy service you’re giving them.

We’ve got more exciting features coming your way in the weeks ahead, so stay tuned!