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How I Keep My Remote Wedding Planning Team Productive – Across 3 Countries

By Martina Selvagi

Photo by Kevin Bhagat

Planning weddings can be stressful and overwhelming as it is without the added complexity of running a team – let alone across 3 countries. Yet that is exactly the challenge my destination wedding planning group has. To stay productive while operating in different locations, I’ve developed a collaborative workflow and style of leadership that ensures my team is always on the same page and feeling valued every step of the way.
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Business Tips

Tips For Time Management

By Kim Sayatovic, Belladeux Event Design

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As the saying goes, “time is money.” So doesn’t it stand to reason that you should be managing yours to the best of your ability? There are lots of ways you can make the most of each day, from your environment to your calendar, you just have to make it a priority.

With that in mind, I’m sharing some of my favorite tips for keeping your days on track and as productive as possible.
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Prepping Your Household in the Off-Season to Be Productive in the Busy Season

By Meghan Ely, OFD Consulting

Photo by Ahmed Saffu 

By its very nature, a career in the events industry is fast-paced and high-stress during peak season. The hours are long and late with setups beginning in the wee hours of the morning and tear-downs lasting well into the night. As professionals who want to provide top-level service, we sometimes forget that we are human ourselves, and further, we are people with homes and families. Our busy season takes a toll on our loved ones as much as it does on us, so how can we prepare in the off-season to minimize the damage?
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Business Tips

5 Steps to Achieve Work Life Balance and Gain More Clients using Email Automation

By Eric Herod

What is one trend in business that has drastically changed how efficiently businesses operate?

Easy. Email automation.

The setting, testing, and delivering of various mass emails to the audience of choice within seconds has drastically changed how businesses operate around the world. It allows companies to think on a more global scale and allows the “little guy” to create opportunities that would have been much more difficult to achieve.
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Wedding Wisdom

4 Ways Event Pros Stay Inspired

By Meghan Ely, OFD Consulting

Working in the events industry means that a big part of our job is to be innovative thinkers that are consistently coming up with new ideas and trends for our clients. This is often much easier said than done, because being creative can be a challenge.

So, how do event pros stay inspired? We’ve got some top industry experts answering that questions below:
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Wedding Wisdom

Getting Creative with Food: How You Can Inspire Your Clients Through Food

By Heather Jones, Wente Vineyards

Inspiring a couple for their wedding is one of those things that can be easier said than done. For photographers, they have beautiful images, while event planners and designers can put together a vision board of ideas. For caterers however, inspiration can be more difficult, unless the couple are foodies already. The good news? The catering industry has grown over the last few years, with new innovations, trends, and artistic creations abound. We’ve got a few of our favorite ideas to get your clients excited and inspired below.
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Wedding Wisdom

Getting Organized With Wholesale

By Audrey Isaac,


Establishing wholesale relationships is a great way to improve the profitability and service of your event company. It’s a brilliant win-win situation. You can provide couples with the products that they would have to research and buy elsewhere, saving them time and effort. Meanwhile, you increase and diversify your revenue. Don’t worry. The process isn’t complicated, but you do need to do your research, keep yourself organized and stay on top of your responsibilities to make it work.
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Business Tips

Three Ways To Market Yourself At Wedding MBA


Will you be joining the thousands of wedding industry leaders attending Wedding MBA 2017 in Las Vegas? Along with the celebrity speakers, cutting-edge technology, and hours of sage business advice, another valuable aspect Wedding MBA is the chance to get to build your network by meeting new vendors and planners, and by strengthening relationships with those you already know! Make the most of that time with the following tips:
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New Feature

NEW FEATURE: Customize Headers for Non-Wedding Timelines and Other Needs

When you’re creating your timelines, we know how important it is for you to be able to customize the content and style to your own personal liking.

With this in mind, we just rolled out a new feature that will let you edit the headers for the various sections of your timelines.

For example, if you’re doing a timeline for a corporate event or for a bar mitvah, you can change the “Wedding Party Contacts” header to say, “Event Guests”.
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