Timeline Genius

[Breakthrough] Text Reminders Are Here!

I have some game-changing news to share…

Timeline Genius now lets you set text reminders for the activities in your timelines! And these reminders will automatically go out on the event day — to you, your team, vendors, venues, clients, and event guests.

This way, everybody knows what to do and when to do it. And you stand out like a rock star for being so organized and thorough.

Wanna make sure the ladies show up on time for hair and makeup? Have your timeline send them a text reminder 😉

Wanna give your photographer a courtesy reminder a half hour before the first look? Done.

With text reminders, you can take your timelines to the next level and make a stellar impression on everybody. It’s like having a genie on your shoulder, helping you manage the event.

To see your new Text Reminder Feature in action, just check out the video below!

Timeline Genius has always been the best way to create event day timelines. And now we’re helping you execute your timelines too.

We won’t stop until your timelines are so easy that you feel like you’ve got a magic wand! 🙂