New Feature

Breakthrough New Feature: Checklists Are Here!

Timeline Genius now lets you create and manage Checklists for your events, so we’ve got you covered for the entire planning process! 

This is game-changing news that we’ve been eager to share.

For the past 11 years, we’ve focused on giving you the world’s best event-day timeline software. And now we’re expanding our service to you in a whole new, exciting way.


The new checklist features are currently in Beta, but they already give you powerful benefits you won’t find anywhere else!

To put it simply, our mission is to put the same focus, attention to detail, and love into your checklist features that we put into your timeline features.

Why are we launching this whole new feature set? Because…

  1. So many of you have told us over the years how helpful checklist features would be, and it’s our mission to serve you.
  2. Checklists are actually just another form of timelines (only covering a longer period of time)! And timelines are what we do.
  3. By giving you the world’s best event checklist features and day-of timeline features in one place, we know that you’ll be able to take your event planning to a whole new level!

To see your new checklist features in action, check out the video below!


Right out of the gate, we wanted to take a completely fresh approach to your checklists! Here are some of the key benefits you’ll find already built into this initial beta release:

  • Customize your checklists with virtually unlimited text editing options (font families, font sizes, images, tables, hyperlinks, emojis, and much more!).
  • Save time and build in your preferences by creating and using your own checklist templates.
  • Stand out like a rockstar by setting email reminders for checklist tasks to keep everybody organized.
  • Instantly download your full checklist or tailored checklists for key parties in a stylish PDF format.
  • Stay organized by viewing your checklists sorted by due date or by task categories.
  • Easily keep all important information in one place by adding custom text sections.
  • Make the right impression on your clients by giving them real-time, mobile-friendly access to their checklists.

And the good news is, there’s essentially no learning curve with the new checklist features if you’re already familiar with Timeline Genius! We made sure that your checklists work just like your timelines.


It’s important to note that the checklist features are currently in BETA.

This means you may find imperfections, and you may have a list of suggestions for improvements. We welcome that!

Timeline Genius has always improved by listening to you, our dear users. So please let us know ( about any changes we need to make to get these checklist features into a mind-blowing, awesome state for you!


We are releasing the checklist features for free while they are in beta. We’re investing a lot to build and perfect these features for you, and at some point, we plan to update our pricing. But we will only do that after talking to our Timeline Genius community to make sure we make these updates the right way.


Of course, you know, this initial beta release of our checklist features is just the start. In the weeks and months ahead, we’re going to be blowing the doors off with exciting new updates!

It’s been our team’s profound privilege and pleasure to serve all of you over the past 11 years. Really, we love you all. And we’re grateful for the way you’ve been sharing your needs with us — and guiding us — as we build this platform to help you thrive.

These new checklist features are the next frontier ー an opportunity for us to change the game again, together.