Timeline Genius

Behind Our Rebrand: Making Our Looks Match Our Smarts

Hello Timeline Geniuses!
Those of you who knew us before might have noticed that we had a makeover:




Tada! What do you think?

Like any startup, Timeline Genius had to make choices about where to invest its time and money. The main mission was to enable planners to create timelines easily. By doing this, we would be eliminating stressful and tedious aspects of the job, thus making work more enjoyable (yes please!).

We would also be creating more time for planners, which would allow them to thrive and take on more business. Our tool had to be robust and perfect. So for the first year and a half, that is where Timeline Genius put its resources: perfecting a tool that truly makes the lives of its users better.





Once that was in place, Eddie was able to address more layers.

Enter rebranding.

Prior to joining the Timeline Genius team, I heard about the product and couldn’t wait to check it out. I clicked on the link with excitement, but when it loaded, I felt a disconnect. Everything I heard about the tool suggested that the makers knew the event industry inside out. However, the aesthetic was not yet in line with the high-end event vendors that I looked to with trust.

Being immersed in the wedding industry, I spent my days seeing and creating elegant design. Event aesthetics, and in particular Wedding Industry aesthetics, have made such leaps and bounds in recent years. The best productions these days resemble fine art more than a homemade party. Think of the photography of Elizabeth Messina, or publications like Geraldine. Aspiring to this level of beauty and creativity adds that bit of inspiration to a planner’s day.

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 10.45.55 PM
photos: Elizabeth Messina

We had  a tool that could organize a perfect event, but had not yet addressed how its appearance would affect its users. When I joined the Timeline Genius team, this is what I wanted to tackle. When other planners clicked our link, I wanted them to feel that we understood the quality that they aspired to in their daily work. I wanted them to see that Timeline Genius would not only make their work easier, it would make it more polished.  I wanted them to know they could trust us.

To achieve this, our wonderful designer Christie Ha started us off with some logo ideas: 


We narrowed down based on the values of intelligence, refinement, and simplicity. Our tool enables our users to be “geniuses”, to simplify their workflow in smart, efficient ways, and to create beautiful, elegant events. Using this as our guideline, we selected and polished our logo. The dots and lines that are used to mark time in our tool appear here in our logo in a minimalist and integrated manner. The final color combination we landed on is restrained while still energetic.



Everything we do is to benefit our users. So as we rebranded, we followed this line of thought: let’s elevate our image, so that Timeline Genius can serve to elevate the brands of everyone in our community. Our hope is that our spiffy new look will not only match our smarts, but will also reflect well on all of our users and supporters.

Thank you all for being our inspiration and reason for striving! Here’s to all of us continuing on the road of constant improvement.