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WII 091: Courtney Hopper and Dana Kadwell Give You Tips for Building Your Dream Team

Business growth leads many planners to weigh whether or not they should hire team members. 

It’s a decision that can feel risky. It also requires figuring out the best type of employee for your company in terms of both position and personality. 

Yet successfully expanding is so important because it’s hard to maintain doing everything yourself.

That’s why today’s guests share their approach for starting, building, and managing a team in a way that is attentive to both the people who work for you and the culture you want to create. 

So, be sure to tune in for this podcast episode!

Courtney Hopper and Dana Kadwell are sister entrepreneurs. Together they are the founders behind C&D Events, an event planning company that is based in North Carolina. Additionally, they offer coaching through their consulting firm, Hustle & Gather, which also features The Hustle & Gather Podcast. On top of these ventures, Courtney and Dana are together the owners of The Bradford and the soon-to-be-launched Anthem House.

In this episode, Courtney and Dana talk about the way that nurturing relationships fuels their success. Specifically, they share their approach for developing teams that not only support your business goals but also thrive together.

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Top 5 Software Programs Every Wedding Planner Needs in 2022

Most wedding planners would agree that producing a successful event comes down to organization and creativity. 

The good news is that today’s planners have a range of software options to help with how they set up their systems and explore their artistic visions! 

And while we might think it would be nice to have just one app or program that does everything, the truth is that the most effective planners use a selection of tech options that are best suited to their businesses. 

So, to help you stack your tech deck, we’ve compiled the top 5 software programs that every planner needs in 2022.

Top 5 Software Programs for Event Planning 

Best Software for Creating Timelines

Timeline Genius is a smart software that thinks through the wedding day details with you – keeping you organized, confident, and calm. With numerous features and tools to communicate with vendors and clients, it will save you time while letting you customize and personalize event timelines.

Best Software for Digital Billing and File Management

Rock Paper Coin is an online billing platform that lets you manage contracts, invoices, payments, and documents all in one place. With its streamlined system, you don’t have to deal with the stress and guesswork of traditional paperwork.

Best Software for Planning + Designing Venue Layout

Merri is an all-in-one, 3D visualization platform that provides all the tools you need to envision, plan, and design events. Since it includes everything from inspiration to seating charts and vision boards, you can see how floral and décor details will come to life in selected venues.

Best Software for Customer Relationship Management 

REFINE for Wedding Planners offers education, community, and support for wedding professionals who want to grow their businesses. Specifically, The Refine Portal is a CRM designed for weddings planners that is made by wedding planners. In addition to not having blackouts, it allows you to both back up and restore your work. It also offers a variety of event tools and is even available offline. 

Best Software for Color Palette Creation

PANTONE Studio is a design app that lets you build and create palettes with 3D application. You can also customize any look with full design tools and use built-in features to share your vision.

Invest in Yourself + Your Business

All things considered, trying out new software for your business can at first feel a little scary. But, ultimately, it pays off in time saved and long-term growth.

It’s equally important to remember that these software options are more user-friendly than ever and provide responsive technical support when you need it. 

In fact, we’ve even gotten to talk with planners about investing in wed-tech options and automating existing business systems.

So, try one out. Or, better yet, create the software stack that best supports you and your business needs!


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WII 090: Gretchen Culver Dares You to Make Your Life Better with Automation

For most of us, the biggest problem with automation is finding the time to set it up. 

That’s why it can help to switch your thinking from all or nothing to one thing at a time.

And today’s guest, who owns not one but three companies, encourages you to start by automating just one system in your business. She’s convinced that it will save you time, return the investment, and be what your clients want.

So, be sure to tune in for this podcast episode!

Gretchen Culver is the Owner and Creative Director of Rocket Science Events, a planning, design, and production company in Minneapolis. Additionally, she is the owner of two other companies that she began in response to the COVID-19 pandemic: Minne Weddings and Moon & Star Events. She previously co-founded The Small Wedding Society and is both an industry coach and national speaker.  She is further recognized for her award-winning work in Special Events’ “30 Under 40 to Watch” and BizBash’s “500 Most Influential Event Pros”. BRIDES and Martha Stewart Weddings also list her as a top planner.

In this episode, Gretchen talks about how automating even one aspect of your business will not only help you stay relevant in today’s market but also will free you up for better experiences and more opportunities. Plus, she shares the impact of connecting with industry peers and being herself.

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Certified Timeline Genius

Congratulations to Our Certified Timeline Geniuses!


Did you know that you can become a Certified Timeline Genius? With Timeline Genius, you can become a certified expert at creating wedding day timelines!

In fact, we’re proud to show off the profiles and spotlight pages of our newest Certified Timeline Geniuses – right here! Just click on the links below to learn more about each wedding planning professional.

Congratulations to all our amazing planners who have recently become Certified Timeline Geniuses!

We applaud you for strengthening your timeline creation skills and elevating the standards for our industry!

Are you ready to become a Certified Timeline Genius? Get your own certification at

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WII 089: Savannah Kilpatrick and Brooke Bowenschulte Empower You to Try New Tech Options for Wedding Planners

Do you want to use software programs in your business yet aren’t sure how? Are you using certain apps but want to try something new?

Maybe you’re hesitant to leave what generally works or are worried about onboarding. Perhaps you feel strapped on time. 

In fact, we understand the reasons. We know it’s an investment to try new tech options. And that’s exactly why we’re using this episode to talk about what you can do to get the most out of technology for your business!

So, be sure to tune in!

Savannah Kilpatrick is the Director of Operations for Timeline Genius, a smart software that creates customized wedding day timelines. Savannah began her industry career after interning with CeCe Todd and ultimately launching her own wedding planning and floral design company. She was also previously the Director of Customer Success at Aisle Planner. Now, she oversees the way that Timeline Genius serves its planners as well as how it executes its #smartwithheart mission.

Brooke Bowenschulte is Timeline Genius’ Account Development Manager. Brooke holds a degree in hospitality management and is herself a Certified Wedding Planner. She was also a former Event Coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs before working as a Sales Director for a rental company. In her current role with Timeline Genius, Brooke directly demos our software and helps planners learn the specific ways it can support their businesses. 

In this episode, Savannah and Brooke talk about the intersection of the wedding industry and tech software. Specifically, they encourage you to invest in your business by trying out what today’s wedding tech companies have to offer.

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New Feature

[New Feature]: Streamlined Editing from Every Timeline View


Timeline Genius now lets you make edits in any timeline view!

As you may know, our TG software gives you four planning views: Edit, Assign, Collaborate, and Remind. Previously, you could only make changes from within Edit. But now the Enhanced Editing Feature allows you to simply click and make edits from any view! Read More “[New Feature]: Streamlined Editing from Every Timeline View”

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WII 088: Lynne Reznick Brings the Heart of an Educator to Crafting the Client Experience

When we think of weddings, we often think first of the wedding planner. Yet we know that many other vendors likewise contribute to the smooth production of a wedding. In this respect, collaboration is not only key to overall success but also reveals insight from other industry professionals. For example, another person who plays a critical role in how a couple will experience their wedding is the photographer.

And the vantage point of an experienced photographer – regarding what helps planners succeed and best supports couples – is exactly what we’re exploring today.

So, be sure to tune in for this podcast episode!

Lynne Reznick is the owner of Lynne Reznick Photography, a wedding photography company serving couples across New England and Upstate New York. As a former high school history teacher, Lynne draws on her educator’s heart and love of photography as she captures each couple’s unique story.  In addition to launching an online course for wedding professionals, she is a featured speaker at Wedding MBA. Her work has also been showcased in numerous publications, including Rangefinder, The Knot, and Amber & Muse

In this episode, Lynne talks about the way that she uses education to serve couples and to cultivate better client experiences.

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WII 087: Nora Sheils Gives You a System for Building Your Team

Do you know the business strategy tip that we hear time and again? It’s having the right people around you supports your success.

That’s why we’re kicking off 2022 with a re-issue of one of our top episodes on team-building (plus an exclusive code for Rock Paper Coin)!


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WII 086: Aleah and Nick Valley Encourage You to Be a Student of Everything

Everyone knows that a live event is challenging precisely because there is no re-do.

So, how do you really prepare for all variables? According to this husband-and-wife team, the answer is to learn from everyone and everything. 

Want to hear more? Be sure to tune in for this podcast episode!

Aleah and Nick Valley are the founders of Valley & Company Events, an inclusive event planning and design house. With nearly 20 years of experience, they have been recognized as top wedding planners in the world by Harper’s BAZAAR, Martha Stewart Weddings, and BRIDES. Additionally, they have been featured in countless publications, including TOWN & COUNTRY and Better Homes & Gardens. They are also nationally-recognized industry speakers and co-authors of the best-selling book Storied Weddings.

In this episode, Aleah and Nick explain how knowing the nuances of both events and people prepares you to seamlessly solve the unexpected. Specifically, they share why success in event planning starts with being a student of everything.

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