Life of a Planner

5 Things To Thank Wedding Planners For

Dear Timeline Geniuses,

It’s that time of year: the time to focus on what is good in our lives, what we are grateful for, and who we have to thank.

We want to thank you, the wedding planners. You are the reason that we exist. Your tireless efforts to bring joy to others drives us to make your work experiences easier, smoother, and better every day.


Here are 5 things we have to thank wedding planners for:

  1. Doing the Dirty Work
    Anyone outside of the industry sees the job of a wedding planner as nothing but beauty and glamour. While you do get to be up close and personal with the beautiful dresses, flowers, and decorations, wedding planners are also the ones who swoop in to help when the best man gets nauseous before his speech, and stay until all remnants of the party are cleared out. Behind the scenes is not always so pretty, and we thank you wedding planners for taking care of it all!
  2. Making It Look Easy
    Ever notice how when an event runs smoothly, no one notices? The less there is to notice in terms of glitches or lulls, the more you can be sure there’s a great planner behind it. We know that our event coordinators plan everything to a T (we’ve seen the timelines!), so that on the day, the event seems to run itself like a machine. This takes huge amounts of effort and vigilance though – so here’s to the planners who show up with a smile and make it look easy!
  3. Absorbing All the Stress and Emotion
    There’s giddiness, nervousness, love, anxiety, even sometimes jealousy or other tricky dynamics on a wedding day! We see our planners out there, talking to couples, families, and guests alike. By listening to concerns and absorbing all of that emotion, planners allow everyone to have a good time – especially the couple tying the knot!
  4. Creating A Space for Love to Flourish
    Even while taking in the stress of the day, wedding planners put out the most beautiful energy, creating magical spaces where the happy couple and their loved ones can celebrate without a care. Whether involved in the design, overseeing the execution, or both, planners create the spaces that hold everlasting memories.
  5. Holding Together All the Details
    From the arrival times of all the vendors to every detail of the setup, wedding planners are the ones who keep track of it all. By doing this, you allow each vendor to focus on their specific duty, and allow each guest and bridal party member to think only about having a wonderful time.

Happy Thanksgiving wedding planners! We don’t know where we’d be without you 💖