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5 Reasons Why You Should Take Advantage of a Virtual Tour

If you’re a wedding planner, then you’re likely managing a packed schedule. Which is why it makes sense to wonder, is getting a demo worth the time?

Although it can be tempting to think otherwise, the answer is yes.

So, why should you take advantage of getting a virtual tour with Timeline Genius? 

Here are 5 reasons why a virtual tour is worth it.

1. Save Yourself Valuable Time 

When you invest time in getting a virtual tour, you actually save time in the long run. A demo helps you bypass time spent figuring things out via trial and error. Why struggle with seeing if it’s right for you or with onboarding when you can have a personalized walk-through?

2. Ask Questions in Real Time 

Additionally, a demo lets you ask your questions in the moment. Rather than waiting for an email reply, you can get immediate answers. 

3. Be Ready to Hit the Ground Running 

A virtual tour also prepares you to start using your investment right away. You’ll get familiar with different features, which will speed up your onboarding process. Plus, it will encourage you to dive in! 

4. Learn Tips & Tricks You Might Otherwise Miss 

One of the most important benefits of a virtual tour is that you get insider knowledge. While you can teach yourself, a demo will help you discover how to best apply features and options that you don’t want to miss. 

5. Stay up-to-date with Industry Trends 

As the wedding industry continues to embrace new technology and tools that support the event planning process, it’s vital to keep learning. By getting a virtual tour, you’re continuing to educate yourself so that you can offer the tech options that many couples want as well as use the tools that let you focus on what you love. 

How to Get the Most Out of a Virtual Tour 

A virtual tour provides 1:1 instruction that is personalized for your business. The best way to prepare for a demo is to take an initial look at the platform and prepare immediate questions. You should also have old timelines on hand for easy reference. Lastly, be ready to share about your business so that your demo host can focus the tour on your needs. And remember, it never hurts to ask about any current sales. You’re often more likely to get a discount when you’re talking with a real person!

Consider the Long-Term Value for Your Business 

Remember, investing just 30 minutes now will help you get the most out of producing your timelines. Plus, you can schedule a tour at your convenience

Book Your Virtual Tour with Brooke Today  

A virtual tour is a great way to find out if a software is right for you or to streamline your onboarding process. Whether you’re on the fence about joining or are a new customer, a demo helps you get the most out of the opportunity and your investment. 

With Timeline Genius, our Account Development Manager Brooke Bowenschulte will host your virtual tour and help you identify the features that will support your efforts. As a Certified Wedding planner herself, Brooke couples her wedding industry experience with Timeline Genius expertise to answer all your questions and ensure you’re comfortable with the software. 

And don’t worry: she’s not going to pressure you about signing up (more likely, by the end of the demo, you will want to have coffee with her IRL!). 

So, give yourself the best start, and schedule your free demo with Brooke today!