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4 Ways Event Pros Stay Inspired

By Meghan Ely, OFD Consulting

Working in the events industry means that a big part of our job is to be innovative thinkers that are consistently coming up with new ideas and trends for our clients. This is often much easier said than done, because being creative can be a challenge.

So, how do event pros stay inspired? We’ve got some top industry experts answering that questions below:

Social Media

For many professionals, hopping on social media platforms like Instagram is a great place to start. With endless hashtags to look at and millions of people to follow, there are bountiful images full of ideas. Phil Van Nostrand of La Rousse Shoppe discusses how his company relies heavily on Instagram for creative ideas, “We stay inspired by following brilliant accounts on Instagram. From still life artists to florals, and even more out-of-the-box styles.”


Tradeshows are a more traditional way to get your ideas, but can be just as effective as anywhere else you might turn to. There will be tons of the top industry professionals there showing off new products and previewing what’s to come, it’s a treasure trove of information. “You have people from all across the United States which allows you to see design trends from different areas. We always make sure we have our phones handy to snap a photo of a booth or piece that inspires us so that we can have it on hand quickly,” explains Audrey Isaac of

Your Clients

You may not realize it, but your clients are a great source of inspiration. They have likely already been doing tons of research before ever stepping foot in your door, and can be a huge help to your design plan. Kylie Carlson of the International Academy of Wedding and Event Planning shares, “Each client has different needs, wants and ideas, so let their excitement and unique personalities fuel your creativity, and you’ll never find yourself wanting for ideas.”

Leave Your Comfort Zone

If you find yourself staring at Instagram or Pinterest, or even industry magazines for too long with no results, then it might be time to explore other areas. “Get outside your comfort zone and explore other disciplines for inspiration,” says Kim Sayatovic of Belladeux Event Design. “Check out new fashion that’s walking the runways or read up on the trendiest interior design magazines and blogs. It’s a great way to get a refreshing take on the trends your couples are already seeing.”

If you ever find yourself hitting a creative roadblock, try one of these methods, and you’ll be rolling out new ideas in no time.


Meghan Ely is the owner of wedding PR and wedding marketing firm OFD Consulting. Ely is a sought-after speaker, adjunct professor in the field of public relations, and a self-professed royal wedding enthusiast.