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3 Ways to Get the Most out of the Timeline Genius Collaboration Features

When it comes to timeline creation, you know that Timeline Genius lets you communicate in your timeline with clients, vendors and venues (and if you need a refresher, just click here). 

But you might not know these additional tips and tricks that the Collaboration Features offer. 

So here’s how you can use the options for downloadable rights, icon indicators, and bulk item access in your timelines.

How to Use Downloadable Rights to Support Client Communication

The Timeline Genius Collaboration Features includes the option to turn downloadable rights on/off. This option enables you to allow or prevent your collaborators from being able to download the timeline. 

Sometimes you might want to allow access so that your client, vendor, or venue can download the event timeline. Other times, you might prevent this access in order to encourage back and forth communication within the timeline itself. 

The value of turning off downloadable rights is that you can decide when a timeline is ready to be distributed

Additionally, when the timeline is complete, you can go to the options for Timeline Actions and opt to send an email with a .pdf copy of the final version. In this way, the downloadable rights options let you remain in control of how collaborators receive your timelines.  

To see how easy it is to change the settings for downloaded rights, watch the video below.

How to Use Timeline Contact Icons to Track Receipt or Adjust Access

Another tip for using the Collaboration Features regards the icons next to each contact in your timeline. 

Once you’ve gone to Manage Collaborators, a little icon appears next to the name of each client, vendor, or venue. This icon helps you keep track of communication you’ve sent as well as whether or not it’s been received. 

For example, the initial icon shows a circle with an angled line across it. This icon indicates that you have not yet sent any communications to this contact. 

However, when you send a timeline to a contact, the icon will change to a box with an up arrow in it. When you see this icon, you know that you sent communication but that it’s not yet been opened. 

And when you’ve both sent the timeline and the contact has opened it, then the icon changes to a check mark. That lets you know the timeline has been received and reviewed. 

Further, you can even set the access rights for your client. As you look at the icon indicators for each client, you will also see carousel-indicators (the three dots) next to their name. When you click here, you can select the option to revoke access. 

Revoking access can be a helpful tool as you near the date of the event. You might choose to use this option starting on the Wednesday before a weekend wedding (or whichever day you choose). 

Once you’ve done it, your client won’t be able to access the timeline or make new comments. 

The benefit is that your client will then get in touch with you directly about any last-minute changes, instead of assuming you’ve seen a comment in the timeline. (Because you know you’re in setup mode during those two or three days before the event.) 

To see how these options work, you can watch this video on using the Icon Indicators:


How to Bulk Adjust Timeline Item Access for All Clients, Vendors, and Venues

When you’re reviewing your timeline, you can also adjust what is viewable, hidden, or editable by clicking on the eye-shaped icon next to timeline items. What’s useful is that it lets you adjust what clients can see in the timeline. Perhaps you even have notes for your team that you want to hide from all collaborators. 

Fortunately, you can save time by bulk adjusting the access rights for multiple vendors at once.

Start by going to the list in the right-hand column of your timeline. Then hit the COMMAND key while you click through the list. Once all the collaborators you want are highlighted, you can return to the eye-shaped icon and select hidden. 

Now, your notes or any timeline of your choice is only visible to you and your team. 

You can similarly change the access of any other timeline item for a single collaborator or multiple ones. This option makes it easy to set up viewing rights exactly as you’d like it! 

To see how easy it is to bulk adjust timeline access settings, watch the video below. 


Use these Tips to Get the Most Out of the Collaborate Feature

When you’re creating your timelines, the Collaborate Feature lets you seamlessly communicate with clients, vendors, and venues. 

It saves you time and money while letting you create elevated timelines. Now you can also use these tips to set downloadable rights, review icon status indicators, and make bulk access adjustments to timeline items. 

So, let us know how these features work for you! You can leave a comment in the videos, ask questions, or share your thoughts

You can also book a free demo with Brooke who’ll show you how to get the most out of using Timeline Genius for your business!