Life of a Planner

3 Perfect Holiday Gifts For The Planner In Your Life

Dear Planners, 

This one’s for you to subtly send to your friends and loved-ones, in case they’re wondering what kind of gift will melt your heart this winter 😃 

  1. Personalized Clipboard

    It’s rare to spot a planner without her clipboard. It serves as a holder of precious documents, a hard surface to sign contracts on, and a flat surface to balance coffee cups on. With all the usage these trusty companions get, it’s always nice to receive new ones. We found these cute customizable clipboards for the planner in your life at Claire Bella:

  2. Classy Tape Measure

    Like Mary Poppins, a planner’s tape measure will show her to be “practically perfect in every way“. It also will help grab quick dimensions of anything from windows to aisle width. We found this rosewood tape measure at Anthropologie:

    tape measure

    3. Fancy Fanny Pack

    A wedding planner would be lost without her emergency kit! The contents of one’s kit vary by planner, but everything must fit inside one easy-to-access carrier. And now one needn’t sacrifice fashion for a useful fanny! Make the coolest fashion statement in the house with this find from Etsy: